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Our focus on building online platforms, to be used by end consumers, allows us to have a great eye for detail and focus on performant, scalable and useable components and features.

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User management

Security is one of the main concerns when running an online business. A solid role-based access control helps you to keep everything running smoothly. We manage user profiles with respect to your local regulatory requirements (identity verification, KYC/KYB, GDPR, ...)
Booking engine

Allow users to make mutual agreements for the exchange or purchase of goods and services. Dates, times, prices, additional agreements, locations, ...

Let your users engage in meaningful conversations with each other. Live, modern chat solution with enriched action driving messages and image capabilities.

Keep an overview of your platform activity through engaging dashboards that instantly show you where to intervene.

Locate users easily through their devices or addresses. Deliver relevant results by defining service areas for your suppliers. Obfuscate locations for natural persons.
Push notifications

Push notifications are a simple yet highly effective way to enhance customer engagement. They have proven a great way to drive conversion and to help retain your customers.

We use innovative machine learning products and services on a trustworthy platform. We do not reinvent the wheel but use battle tested and scalable solutions.

Include effortless payments through all leading payment methods, tailored to local preferences.

Smart chatbots to enhance your customer service, sales, and marketing. Integrated in the platform workflows.

Easy import and export functionality through standardized or dynamically typed formats.
Rich content integration (blog)

Integrate your content platform and offer an end-to-end experience to your users.
Coupons & discount

Introduce new customers, introduce new products or brands or make customers return by offering flexible coupons.

Create easily consumable overviews of available offerings and optimize ranking of producers or services using smart algorithms.
Bidirectional rating and review

Apart from price, ratings and reviews are the most important factors when making purchasing decisions. It's become an expected and influential part of the purchase funnel.
Calendar integration

By using industry standard formats, we can achieve seamless integration with external calendar tools. Often native, but always easily implemented.
Admin console

Streamline moderation of bookings, users, transactions and enhance the efficiency of your daily operations by using a powerful dashboard.
Tracking & analytics

Integrate seamlessly with your existing analytics solutions by using custom events.
Social media integration

Integration with Facebook, Google and Apple allows your customers to authenticate with their respective accounts. Social media sharing through native integrations.
Business messenger integration

Build great relationships with your customers by enabling them to contact you through live chat.

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We're dedicated to matching your needs. We understand that your business requires custom solutions and love to think together how to build something special, just for you.

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